Ashok's is closed till 31th of august

Ashok's A travel in India

I come from a small fishing village where the ocean hypnotizes, where silence is light until the magical sunset, when the whole horizon blazes, bowing slightly to the pink sand beach. That’s this spirit that I tried to relive and share with you in my restaurants. I hope you will find the pleasure of tasting, discovery and disorientation.



Ashok John Alexander

Discover Ashok's Brussels...

In an original setting, perfumes and tastes from India, instant made food, various menu, specialities with fresh rice and nan bread, vegetables. Ashoks suggest food for every tastes and spices that we wish.. mild, medium, hot... or very hot.

Our schedules are:

MONDAY: 19h > 22h30
TUESDAY: 12h > 14h and 19h > 22h30
WEDNESDAY: 12h > 14h and 19h > 22h30
THURSDAY: 12h > 14h and 19h > 22h30
FRIDAY: 12h > 14h and 19h > 22h30
SATURDAY: 19h > 10h30